Arif Patel (Arif Umarji Patel) Biography – A Dubai Pioneering Businessman (Preston Trading)

Arif Patel, a Dubai Pioneering businessman, serves as the creator, owner, and chairman of Preston Trading. The company is well-known for its operations in oil and gas exploration and production, oilfield services, engineering and mining. Mr Patel was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on July 12, 1985, and has shown his strong creative spirit in his childhood. He has an early passion with technology in his career that’s why in 2010, he moved to Preston, UK, with his family which was a turning point in his life. There, he pursued his further studies and established the groundwork for his successful career.

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Early Years and Education

Arif Patel showed an honest passion for technology and its uses in business while growing up in Dubai. He was able to continue his schooling once his family relocated to Preston, UK. Patel continued his education at the University of Central Lancashire, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. His desire to learn more encouraged him to enroll in Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, where he studied and completed his masters degree in petroleum engineering. His educational background delivered him the specific expertise that became essential to his success in the oil and gas business going forward.

Founder and Leader of Preston Trading

Following his passion towards his entrepreneurial journey, Arif Patel established his own company Preston Trading which has become a leader in a diversity of industries including mining operations, engineering solutions, and oil and gas exploration. Being the founder, owner, and chairman, Patel built the company’s fundamentals through his strategic vision and leadership in promoting Preston Trading to get recognition in its position across industries.

Career and Achievements

Apart from his role at Preston Trading, Arif Patel has played a major role in co-founding another company named The UK Group, a thriving UK-based company. In addition, Patel has also been the CEO of ABC Capital in Dubai since 2012, where he has proven to be an outstanding manager with an excellent understanding of international market trends. Such effort to take business to the new heights highlights Patel’s ability of recognising new opportunities and promoting economic growth through smart partnerships and programmes. His direction has been essential in establishing ABC Capital as a reliable partner in the financial industry.

Recognition and Contributions

Arif Patel has received multiple recognition for his services to the industry. he has received the identification as one of the Top 10 Best Investment Company Executives. It was not enough, he has been awarded for his leadership abilities, strategic vision, and level of respect in the corporate sector. Now, Patel is public figure known as an inspiring leader across the international business sector and has also been solidified by his abilities to manage challenging financial environments and promote sustainable growth.

Philosophy and Leadership Style

Arif Patel is a well-known proponent of moral behavior, creativity, and empowerment in leadership. Under his direction, he is acting as an promoter for a collaborative work environment that encourages innovation and inspires individuals to reach their full potential. He is a big believer in lifelong learning and development, and believes it as essential to personal as well as professional growth.  He actively supports community-beneficial activities, in fact, his dedication goes beyond commercial achievement to include social impact on the community.


Arif Patel’s journey to recognition in the global economic industry from his hometown of Dubai stands as proof of his determination, persistence, and spirit of entrepreneurship. He has established himself as a leader in development both within and outside of the oil and gas sector. Due to his ability, He was the one who developed and implemented game-changing business ideas. In addition to his career accomplishments, Patel’s legacy is distinguished by his dedication to moral leadership and the betterment of society. Arif Patel is an inspiration to future leaders and entrepreneurs because of his unwavering drive for achievement and his unrelenting commitment to quality.

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