Commercial Cleaning Equipment for Indoor Cleaning

Big commercial offices and storage facilities have high traffics for both people and equipment. Therefore, the continuous usage of the commercial spaces requires thorough cleaning and maintenance to order to prevent spread of diseases and equipment damages.

For most people, commercial cleaning companies are the go-to solutions when constructors want to maintain high levels of cleanliness for their commercial space. Offices and other large commercial spaces that require cleaning, often need interior and exterior cleaning and detailing. While the interior cleaning is done inside the commercial space, the exterior cleaning services are done on the outside parts of the building, including the curbs and walkways. 

This article has demystified site cleaning, detailing how the exterior cleaning equipment differ from those required for interior commercial cleaning.

Mops, Squeegees, and Wringers

The initial stage of any interior cleaning, whether commercial or domestic, is mopping the floor. Mops are made of liquid-absorbent fabric material that absorbs and retains moisture when dipped in a bucket of water. 

Mop buckets have wringer on the cover, which allows you to squeeze off excess water from the mop head while allowing you to retain just enough moisture to wet the floor and remove dirt when mopping. The wringers not only allow you to maintain your personal hygiene (by ensuring that you squeeze the mop without touching it), but also give a sitting allowance for the mop when you finish cleaning the floor.

Squeegees on the other hand, are very useful for draining water-logged floors. Soapy water causes serious slippages, and may result to slip and fall accidents if not dried properly. Squeegee heads are made of rubber edges that helps in removing the water once you press and slide the squeegee against the wet floor. 

Vacuum and Rotary Cleaners

Vacuum and rotary cleaners are primary tools for every commercial cleaning company as almost all basic cleaning activities require vacuuming.

Sometimes substances such as paint will spill on the floor, and they may not be easily removed by a regular mop. A reputable commercial cleaning company in Michigan will use rotary cleaners to restore the floor to its original state. 

The rotary cleaners have rotating brushes underneath, which are fitted with strong bristles to ensure that the hard stains on the floor are scrubbed off. However, some stains require chemical solvents to help break them loose as they are scrubbed, and later rinsed with clean water.

Cleaning Trolleys and Signage

It would be very tiresome if one opted to carry one cleaning equipment at a time to every floor. Just as a shopping cart is important for shopping, janitors agree that cleaning carts are essential cleaning tools because they facilitate convenient hauling of cleaning equipment, regardless of the number of floors to be cleaned.

Signs also come in very handy, especially when you are cleaning occupied spaces such as hotels and offices. Some of the common signs you will come across are wet floor warning signs and ‘out of order’ signs, which are mostly used when cleaning washrooms and staircases with soapy water.

Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners

Although pressure washers are commonly used on exterior cleaning activities, they are really helpful when cleaning interior surfaces which would have been otherwise impossible to clean using regular methods. The high air or water pressure (depending on the type of pressure washer you are using) forces the dirt out of crevices and floor traps with a lot of ease.

Steam cleaners are the ideal carpet cleaning tools because they not only remove the dried-in substances on the carpet’s fabric, but also remove any wrinkles on the carpet.


The commercial cleaning equipment discussed above are essential in making cleaning convenient for the janitor. Other essential equipment includes rubber gloves, which protect the skin of the cleaner from coming into contact with harmful detergents. Always contact a commercial cleaning company with a proven track record as a lot of your business’ stakes are attached to its internal appearance.

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