Common Misconceptions About Chauffeur Services in Dubai 

Chauffeur services in Dubai are a common choice of tourists or business professionals looking for a comfortable journey. However, there are many false notions attached to hiring a car with a driver in Dubai. For some it is a breach of privacy, for others they are ridiculously overpriced. If you too wish to avail chauffeur services in Dubai but are confused about your choices, this article will guide you in the right way.   

Popular False Notions About Hiring Chauffeur Services in Dubai

Some of the widespread misconceptions relating to chauffeur services in Dubai are discussed below: 

Only VIPs Can Avail Chauffeur Services

Most people stick to the notion that chauffeur services are a symbol of luxury that is accessible only to the rich and VIPs like high-profile personnels, celebrities, politicians, etc. You need not be a superstar to hire a car with a driver in Dubai. These services can be availed by anyone who wishes to have a stress free and comfortable journey instead of self driving. By hiring a professional driver for your car, you can also enjoy royal treatment and a fun filled trip.

Chauffeur Services are Highly Priced

Another popular myth that prevails among tourists in Dubai is that hiring chauffeur services is overpriced. Chauffeur services in Dubai do come with an extra cost but it can be managed if booked wisely. For instance, the car rental companies offer additional discounts on advance booking for cars and other services. Again, as compared to the peak season, off season deals are cheaper. Hence, a car with a driver in Dubai easily fits your budget if booked in the right way.  

Hiring Chauffeur Services is a Breach of Privacy 

It is one of the most wrong notions that relying on an unknown driver poses a threat to your safety and privacy. Hiring a car itself allows you to travel in your own space with all the amenities. So far as privacy is concerned, chauffeurs are professional drivers who stick to their ethics and professionalism. A reliable driver considers the safety and security of the passengers as his top most priority. They are also trained to handle all kinds of emergency situations on the road.  

Chauffeur Services are Exclusively for Special Events  

It is often at major events that we see luxury cars with drivers hired. This has again created a false belief that chauffeur services are meant for grand occasions only. Whether it is an event, business meeting or simply a leisurely trip with your friends and family, you can hire a chauffeur in Dubai for all occasions. You may also opt for a car rental with a driver for airport pickup or drop off. 
Regardless of all the misconceptions, chauffeur services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other parts of the UAE continue to be a go-to choice of tourists. To hire the best car rental with a driver in Dubai check out OneClickDrive, your one stop destination for car rental in the United Arab Emirates.    

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