David Beckham Net Worth: Bio, Age, Personal Life, Career, and More

Figure 1 Beckham has millions of fans worldwide

Even if you know next to nothing about soccer, you will probably have heard of David Beckham. It may be his relationship with Spice Girl Victoria Adams. Or it could be his appearance on countless TV shows and adverts all around the world. Then again, you may have simply gotten to know him thanks to his hugely successful sporting career.

These days he can be spotted at all the most elite gatherings and social occasions, as well as performing his duties as a UNICEF ambassador. He has not left the world of soccer behind though. Instead of taking up punditry or a coaching position, like many of his former teammates, Beckham is the president and co-owner of Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami team.

It was Beckham’s involvement with the MLS team that persuaded Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest soccer player of all time, to come to the US to finish his career and get all Florida betting apps users very excited. As one of the most high-profile sports athletes and celebrities on the planet, David Beckham is also extremely wealthy and we are going to take a look at his life and career – as well as his all-important net worth.

David Beckham Net Worth

He may have hung up his soccer boots a long time ago but David Beckham is still earning a lot of money each year from sports. It is estimated that his annual salary is around $50 million, with a net worth – combined with his wife – of $450 million.

Beckham earned millions as a soccer player and pulled in increasingly large contracts towards the end of his playing career at clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Milan. But it was his move to the LA Galaxy that really added some digits to his bank balance.

Part of what was a surprising deal at the time was a future stake as co-owner in an MLS franchise. Inter Miami had not even formed when Beckham was still playing but Florida seemed like the perfect place to be involved in the growing league in the US. Now he earns money from the franchise, as well as his tourism ambassador role for Qatar, which is reported to pull in $21 million a year.

Beckham is the face of countless products and also has a large real estate portfolio, with properties in England, Dubai, and Beverley Hills.

Who is David Beckham?

It would be something of a surprise if you did not know who David Beckham was. His celebrity profile across the world rivals any of the top athletes in the US and he is regarded as one of the best soccer players of his generation.

After playing youth soccer in his native London, he signed a professional deal with Manchester United and made his first team debut when he was just 17. His time at the club coincided with its most successful period ever, and Beckham won six EPL titles and a Champions League, among a number of other domestic and continental trophies. He also ended up playing over 100 times for his country and captaining the team towards the end of his career.

He left Manchester United in 2003 to become one of the galacticos at Real Madrid, arguably the world’s biggest club. His trophy haul continued there, as he collected another league title as part of a team of legends. After four years in Spain, Beckham made the controversial decision to join LA Galaxy in the US. Up until then, the fledgling league had been considered something of a place for soon-to-be-retired European stars and second-rate players.

Beckham’s arrival immediately boosted the profile of Major League Soccer and he won two MLS Cups in his time in Los Angeles, while also playing for Milan in Italy on loan during the American offseason. To cap his career off, Beckham signed for Paris Saint-Germain in 2013 and won yet another league title before retiring.

Beckham will go down as one of the finest England soccer players of all time, with his skill and dead-ball talent particularly celebrated. He was one of the first players to transcend the sport in the 1990s and became a bona fide celebrity in his own right, a position that many sports athletes now enjoy.

David Beckham Early Life

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born London, England on May 2, 1975. His father was a carpet fitter and his mother was a hairdresser. He was given the middle name, Robert, after the former Manchester United and England captain Bobby Charlton, his father’s favorite player. He has an older and a younger sister.

Beckham’s family were all Manchester United fans and they made the 400-mile round trip to Old Trafford to watch the team whenever possible. David was actually something of a late developer and was small for his age, failing to be chosen to play for England at schoolboy age.

But his skill and talent were undeniable and Beckham eventually signed schoolboy forms with Manchester United on his 14th birthday. He then signed a Youth Training Scheme contract with the club when he was 16, beginning a career that would go down in soccer history.

Figure 2 Beckham played at some of the best stadiums in the world and captained his country

David Beckham Personal Life

In 1997, Beckham started dating Victoria Adams of the world-renowned pop group, The Spice Girls. At the time she was by far the more famous but, over time, David Beckham would become the global sensation.

The couple married in 1999 and now has four children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. All three boys have played soccer at a high youth standard and Brooklyn and Romeo have also followed their father into a modeling career.

What Next for David Beckham?

It seems as though anything is still possible for David Beckham. He is still hugely successful in the sports world – and a much-loved global celebrity. It will certainly be a long time before we stop hearing about the achievements of David Beckham.

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