FUE vs. FUT Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a big problem that affects many people and has made many people seek for hair transplant surgeries. Some of the most known techniques are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Here, both techniques have their strengths and limitations which raise the need to distinguish the two so as to choose the most appropriate one.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


In FUE, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area, commonly the back of the scalp with the help of micro-punch. These follicles are then implanted into the balding or thinning areas of the head. The technique is simple and does not require the cutting away of a piece of the scalp.


  • Minimally Invasive: There is no straight line mark at all, only round, pin-point scars which are virtually unnoticeable.
  • Quick Recovery: It has better recovery rate than FUT, and the patient experiences minimal pain after the surgery.
  • Flexibility: It is common with those patients who wish to have short hair as the tiny scars will hardly be spotted.


  • Time-Consuming: The process may take longer because the individual follicles are aspirated.
  • Cost: Usually costs more because the process of extraction requires a lot of manual work. To know more about the Hair Transplant cost in Pakistan you can speak to a plastic surgeon offering this treatment or check prices online.
  • Skill-Dependent: It’s a very delicate procedure, and the results are always tied to the proficiency of the surgeon conducting the operation.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)


In FUT, a strip of scalp from the donor area is cut out. The strip is then divided into various follicular units by using a microscope to give the desired hair sample. These are inserted to the areas experiencing hair loss or recession.


  • Efficiency: It can place a lot of grafts in one session, this makes it appropriate for people with a lot of hair loss.
  • Cost-Effective: Usually cheaper than FUE due to the fact that the extraction of hairs is done in a shorter time.
  • High Yield: This method enables the surgeon to obtain more follicular units from a limited area of the donor region.


  • Linear Scar: It leaves a linear scar at the donor area which may be visible if the hair is cut very short.
  • Longer Recovery: Recovery is longer and patients experience more pain and have more limitations after the operation.
  • Invasive: Even more aggressive than FUE, it entails the use of sutures and hence a longer recovery period.

FUE and FUT: Which One is the Best?

When deciding between FUE and FUT, consider the following factors:When deciding between FUE and FUT, consider the following factors:

  • Extent of Hair Loss: FUT might be more beneficial for individuals who have experienced a lot of hair loss, on the other hand, FUE is preferable for individuals with moderate hair loss.
  • Scarring: In case the main concern is the visibility of the scar, then FUE is the most recommended.
  • Budget: FUT is generally less costly hence is more affordable.
  • Recovery Time: FUE is better when it comes to recovery and with less pain.
  • Surgeon’s Expertise: For FUE, the result depends on the experience of the surgeon as a mistake can lead to a worst result.


Each of the two methods that is FUE and FUT has its advantages and disadvantages. The decision between the two has to be made after consulting a hair transplant surgeon to understand and determine the patient’s requirements. These include the patient’s personal preferences, his or her hair loss pattern, and the particular objectives that he or she wishes to achieve from the hair transplant surgery. Get a Hair Transplant in Karachi by visiting a Karachi-based plastic surgeon to know more.

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