Funny GIF You Need to See: From Clever Puns to Relatable Situations

Welcome back for yet another moment of “Same, though!”—the one blog post that’ll curate the most relatable and side-splitting Funny GIFs from across the vast digital landscape. is the place for funny; and this roundup won’t let that down. We make sure to comb through the internet—digging up the best in viral memes, trending videos, funny photos, and, of course, the funniest GIFs that really capture reminiscent living every day.

From Monday blues to Friday festivities, we have a GIF for each mood and occasion. But not just any—these are the ones that make you go, “Same, though!” They really nail those moments when words fail, and only a GIF can truly express what you’re feeling.

Shall we get into this week’s batch?

1. The Monday Struggle

We all know that Monday morning feeling when the alarm clock goes off, and you would do anything but actually get out of bed. This week’s very first GIF is a celebrated gesture of that sentiment: an animation clip from a popular cartoon series where a character is literally dragged out of bed by their alarm clock. If that doesn’t scream, “Same, though!”, then we don’t know what does.

2. The Midweek Hump

Midweek, in many ways, is the ultimate mixed bag of feelings. You’re still not quite over the hump, but the weekend is edging closer and closer. We’ve captured this feeling in a nutshell with the next GIF. In it, we can observe just how an extremely funny dog tries to climb a stair that is a little more on the tall side for him. The determination in its eyes is something we are all familiar with on a Wednesday.

3. The Friday Feeling

Ah, Friday—the light at the end of the tunnel. This week’s Friday GIF is a clip from a viral video of a baby dancing uncontrollably; pure, unfiltered joy and excitement are poured into those baby dance moves, just as they should be in our hearts at the end of a long workweek.


4. The Weekend Celebration

It’s finally here—the weekend, the time for partying! This is just the final GIF for this week, a clip of a trending event in which there is a group of friends cheering with glasses, presumably containing some sparkling cider. It is just the simple, joyous feeling of friendship emanated from the clip—purely infectious and fit for any weekend excitement GIF.

But that is not all. We’ve got a vast repository of funny clips, trending pictures, and viral memes lying around just waiting to be discovered. No matter what you’re trying to say—from surprise to rage and everywhere in between—we’ve got a GIF for that.

So the next time you’re having one of those super frustrating moments and words just can’t do it, remember our weekly roundup of GIFs, because though they may be GIFs in name, they are actually a universal language that has the capability to transcend borders and cultures—but most of all, they say “I feel you” or “Same, though!” in the funniest way.

The roundup will return next week, but until then, don’t stop sharing those GIFs. After all, a GIF shared is really just a laugh multiplied. And in a world that could always use a little more laughter, isn’t that a cause worth championing?

Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Because here, we believe every single moment—mundane or extraordinary—is worthy of being captured and shared in the form of a GIF.

Want more? Go ahead, jump into our library. Laugh, share, relate. After all, we’re all just trying to get by in this thing called life, one GIF at a time, right? Isn’t it nice to know that we aren’t alone? There’s some kind of GIF somewhere that was actually made for capturing the weird feeling or whatever else we might be feeling.


Whether you want to express yourself, connect with others, or just have a good laugh, this weekly roundup of GIFs is for you. Because on Vidworthy, we’re more than just a bunch of funny clips and trending pictures; we are all about laughing, and we stand by the cool power of a good GIF.

So come aboard our quest to brighten up this old world, one GIF at a time. After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine? And in a world that could have always done with a little more laughter, is not a GIF a perfect prescription?

So, the next time that you find yourself in a moment when words just aren’t enough, remember this: probably somewhere is a GIF for that. And if not, well, then that is what our ‘Submit Your GIF’ feature is for. We’re not only building a collection of GIFs, but building a community of GIF enthusiasts who understand the power of a good GIF here at

So ’til next time, keep GIFing, and remember—”Same, though!”

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