How to Stand Out at Industry Conferences & Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows offer great opportunities to connect with industry leaders and prospective clients and customers. It lets you create a remarkable impact on everyone and shows that your business is ready to make a difference.

However, several other businesses are also fighting to attract the same attention and opportunities. So, you must try to stand out in these events to make the most out of them.

This guide will show you all the effective strategies to distinguish yourself from others and leave a memorable impression on others!

Connect with everyone ahead of time

Don’t wait until the event date, and share the word about attending the event in your circle. Use social media and email marketing to interact with attendees.

Identify industry leaders and potential collaborators from the list of attendees. Send them custom emails to invite them to your booth.

On social media platforms, hold polls to know how many of them will certainly attend the event and visit your booth. Create excitement and anticipation with daily countdowns. Conduct Q&A sessions to answer your target audience’s queries. Seek insights on what they would like during the event.

Additionally, encourage your audience to share the word about your booth through contests and giveaways.

Focus on the visuals

Choose three colors for your booth that go along with your brand and products and use them on the booth like this:

  • 60% of the space should have the primary color of your business logo or the new product you’re promoting.
  • 30% of the space will be a contrasting secondary color to avoid monotony
  • 10% of the space with an accent color to highlight texts and graphics

Create visual interest by experimenting with spotlights, hanging lights, and ambient and accent lights. Add plenty of furniture and tables to let attendees comfortably communicate with you.

Don’t hesitate to invest in sturdy design elements, and you’ll be able to reuse them in the future. It also helps catch attendees’ interest faster. Apply proper signage so that booth visitors know how to interact with your team.

Create an impression without a word

Check whether the event has any theme for outfits. If not, wear your best formal attire. Remember about 55% of first impressions depend on your appearances.

Make sure your clothes are pressed, accessories polished, and you look groomed. A poor appearance will turn off attendees and make them judge you.

You can also print your individual and company LinkedIn profile QR code on the banner. This way, attendees can do a quick research on your expertise and the company’s offering. It will also save time. 

Grab all the important tools

Be well-prepared to connect with all attendees during the event. This will help you stand out and create a great impression. Some must-have tools are:

Presentation Tools: These include your laptop, projector, and any remotes. Carry backup keyboards and mouse in case anything malfunctions.

Heavy-Duty Portable Charger: The event may not have enough power outlets for all devices. Carry your own chargers for laptops, smartphones, tabs, and everything else. You can also grab some extra batteries.

Business Cards: Nowadays, there’s no point carrying a stack of business cards on a busy day. Instead, invest in a single custom business card. Tap it against visitors’ devices and ensure they never lose your contact information!

Greet them once they show interest

Whenever individuals approach your booth, welcome them with a warm smile. You can also offer refreshments to keep them interested while you speak or present.

Make the overall experience interactive to attract their focus. Ask fun questions or arrange for polls and seek feedback after you’ve talked about your business offering. This will enhance your chances of building meaningful professional connections and getting leads.

If the visitor seems promising, exchange business cards for a lasting connection.

Offer a parting gift

Most businesses offer pens or mugs at trade shows. You can stand out a bit more in this step. Here are some great options

  • For businesses offering office supplies, share custom notepads, journals, or water bottles.
  • Businesses involved in health care may offer small sanitizer pouches, resistance bands, or compression socks.
  • For businesses that sell gadgets, give portable phone chargers or phone case accessories.
  • If your business focuses on eco-friendly products, share compact bamboo cutlery, reusable shopping bags, or seeded bookmarks.


These strategies will definitely help you stand out in industry events. However, you must also ensure your speech and presentation are the best to make this experience worthwhile!

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