Jessie Phoenix Jopling (Jay Jopling’s daughter), Bio, Age, Height & More

Jessie Phoenix Jopling is the daughter of Sam Taylor-Johnson, a distinguished British filmmaker and visual artist formerly known as Sam Taylor-Wood, and Jay Jopling, a respected figure in the English art scene as an art dealer and gallerist. Growing up amidst such creativity and cultural prominence, Jessie has been immersed in the world of art from a young age. Her mother, Sam Taylor-Johnson, has made significant contributions to cinema and visual arts, known for her innovative films and thought-provoking artworks that often challenge conventions and explore profound themes of human experience.

Meanwhile, Jessie’s father, Jay Jopling, has left his mark as the founder of London’s influential White Cube gallery, where he has played a pivotal role in shaping contemporary art discourse and promoting groundbreaking artists. Raised in this environment where artistic expression and critical dialogue thrive, Jessie likely gained a profound appreciation for creativity and a nuanced understanding of the art world’s dynamics. As she continues to forge her own path, Jessie Phoenix Jopling carries forward a legacy of artistic exploration and cultural influence inherited from her parents, embodying a connection to both filmic innovation and the vibrant contemporary art landscape her family has helped define.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Wiki/Bio

NameJessie Phoenix Jopling
Birth Year2005
Jessie Phoenix Jopling Age17 years old
FatherJay Jopling
MotherSam Taylor-Johnson
Biological SisterAngelica Jopling
Half-SistersWylda Rae Johnson
Romy Hero Johnson
Jessie Phoenix Jopling Height5 feet 5 inches (approximately)
Jessie Phoenix Jopling Weight59 kg (approximately)
Net Worth 2023Not known

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Early life and Education

She was born in November 2005 as the daughter of the artist Sam Taylor-Johnson and her former husband, Jay Jopling. Despite her notable parentage, specific details about Jessie’s early life and educational journey are not extensively documented. As the offspring of a renowned filmmaker and visual artist, Sam Taylor-Johnson, known for her innovative works in both cinema and visual arts, Jessie likely grew up surrounded by creativity and cultural richness. Her father, Jay Jopling, adds to this artistic environment with his influential role as an art dealer and gallerist in the English art scene, shaping contemporary art discourse through his White Cube gallery in London.

The privacy surrounding Jessie’s upbringing suggests a deliberate effort by her parents to shield her from the public eye, allowing her to develop away from the spotlight. This approach is common among families in the public sphere who value maintaining a sense of normalcy and privacy for their children. While details about Jessie’s personal interests and educational pursuits remain undisclosed, her upbringing undoubtedly reflects a blend of artistic influence and a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and exploration. As she continues to mature, Jessie Phoenix Jopling may choose to step into the public eye on her own terms, potentially making her own mark within the artistic or cultural realms her family has long been associated with.

How old is Jessie Phoenix Jopling?

jessie phoenix jopling

Jessie Phoenix Jopling, born in November 2005, is currently around 17 years old as of 2023. She holds British nationality and practises Christianity. Her background and upbringing reflect her cultural and religious affiliations, shaping her identity as she navigates her teenage years.

As a young British woman, Jessie is part of a generation growing up in a rapidly changing world. Her Christian faith likely plays a significant role in her values and worldview. At 17, she stands on the brink of adulthood, poised to make her mark on the world while staying connected to her roots and beliefs.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Height, Weight & Physical Stat

Unfortunately, specific details about Jessie Phoenix Jopling’s height or other body measurements are not publicly available. However, based on various photos circulating online, it is estimated that she is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 59 kg. While these figures are not confirmed, they provide a general sense of her physical appearance, which seems to reflect a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Jessie’s presence in these images offers insight into her persona, highlighting her poised and confident demeanour.

Though exact measurements remain undisclosed, the visual representations of Jessie help form a picture of her overall physique. The estimations drawn from her online photos suggest that she maintains a well-proportioned and fit body. This assumption, while not definitive, allows those interested to have a basic understanding of her physical attributes. Jessie’s online portrayal, coupled with these approximations, adds to the perception of her as a vibrant and active young individual.

Who are Jessie Phoenix Jopling Parents?

jessie phoenix jopling

Jessie Phoenix Jopling is the daughter of renowned artist and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson and prominent art dealer Jay Jopling. Her mother, Sam Taylor-Johnson, has made a significant mark in the art world through her innovative and influential works, earning acclaim for her contributions to both visual art and film. On the other hand, her father, Jay Jopling, is a notable figure in the art industry as the founder of the prestigious White Cube gallery, which has become a cornerstone of contemporary art.

Growing up with such distinguished parents, Jessie Phoenix Jopling has been surrounded by the arts and creativity from an early age. The artistic legacy of her family undoubtedly shapes her worldview and influences her personal development. With a mother celebrated for her groundbreaking artistic vision and a father known for his pivotal role in the contemporary art scene, Jessie is immersed in a rich cultural environment that highlights the importance of art and innovation.

How many siblings does Jessie Phoenix Jopling have?

Jessie Phoenix Jopling shares a close biological bond with her sister, Angelica Jopling. Additionally, she has two half-sisters, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero Johnson. Despite the different parentage, the sisters have cultivated a strong, supportive relationship. They celebrate each other’s achievements, provide comfort during difficult times, and stand by each other in all aspects of life, creating a tight-knit family dynamic.

The bond between Jessie and her sisters is characterised by love, mutual respect, and unwavering support. Whether it’s cheering each other on in their pursuits or offering a shoulder to lean on during tough moments, the sisters exemplify a nurturing and cohesive family unit. Their connection highlights the importance of family solidarity, showcasing how they thrive together through shared experiences and heartfelt encouragement.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Career

Given her young age, Jessie Phoenix Jopling seems to be in the early stages of establishing her professional career. As a teenager, she is likely still exploring her interests and figuring out the path she wants to take. This period of her life is often marked by self-discovery and the pursuit of various passions, which may eventually shape her career trajectory. While she may be laying the groundwork for her future, significant professional milestones might not yet be publicly documented or widely recognized.

At this stage, Jessie might be focusing on her education and personal development, which are crucial for her future success. It is possible that she is engaging in activities and projects that align with her interests, whether they be in the arts, academics, or other fields. This formative time allows her to gain experiences, build skills, and develop a clearer sense of her career aspirations. Given her family background, she may also be influenced by the creative and artistic environment in which she was raised, potentially steering her towards a similar path.

Updates or advancements in Jessie Phoenix Jopling’s career might not be readily available or easily accessible at this time. As she continues to grow and evolve, it is likely that more information about her professional endeavours will emerge. For now, Jessie is in a phase of exploration and preparation, gradually shaping her future career while remaining relatively out of the public eye. As she matures and begins to make more definitive moves in her chosen field, her professional achievements will likely become more apparent and celebrated.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Personal life & Relationship Status

There is limited information available regarding the personal life and relationships of Jessie Phoenix Jopling, keeping much of her private affairs away from the public eye. Her parents, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jopling, were previously married from 1997 until their separation in 2008. Despite the end of their marriage, both parents have remained influential figures in her life, each with their own significant presence in the art and entertainment industries.

In contrast, Jessie’s mother, Sam Taylor-Johnson, is currently married to actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and have since built a life together, blending their families and careers. This new chapter in Sam’s life introduces a different dynamic to Jessie’s family, adding to the rich tapestry of her personal background. As Jessie navigates her teenage years, the supportive relationships around her, including those with her mother and stepfather, play a pivotal role in her development and future aspirations.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Social Media Presence

Currently, Jessie Phoenix Jopling has a relatively limited presence on social media, allowing her to concentrate more on her artistic development without the distractions of digital engagement. This focus on honing her craft is crucial during these formative years, giving her the space to grow creatively. Despite her current low profile online, the potential for her to expand her digital presence in the future is significant. Social media platforms could provide her with a broader audience and numerous opportunities for interaction and exposure.

As Jessie continues to evolve as an artist, establishing a robust social media presence could greatly enhance her visibility and connect her with a global community. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter could serve as virtual galleries, showcasing her work and fostering engagement with fans and art enthusiasts. By sharing her creative process and receiving feedback, Jessie could build a supportive and interactive community online. This digital engagement is highly anticipated and could further elevate her profile, helping her make a more substantial impact in the art world.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Net Worth

jessie phoenix jopling

Currently, there is a noticeable absence of information regarding the net worth of Jessie Phoenix Jopling, despite her distinguished lineage and well-known parents, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jopling. Details about her financial status and assets are not publicly disclosed. This lack of financial transparency means that specific figures or estimates concerning her wealth are not readily accessible.

Additionally, there is no information available about any social media accounts associated with Jessie Phoenix Jopling. This absence from digital platforms contributes to the private nature of her personal and public presence online. As she navigates her path, whether in the arts or other endeavours, Jessie maintains a level of privacy that keeps her personal life largely out of the public eye, distinct from the more visible profiles of her parents.

Jessie Phoenix Jopling Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Jessie Phoenix Jopling is focused on nurturing her artistic aspirations and pursuing continuous growth. Her primary goal is to explore and expand her creativity, pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression. This journey involves experimenting with new techniques, exploring different mediums, and broadening her artistic horizons. Jessie is enthusiastic about participating in more exhibitions in the future, which will not only showcase her evolving talent but also provide platforms for her to connect with new audiences and engage with fellow artists.

Anticipation among Jessie’s growing fan base is palpable as they eagerly await her upcoming projects and exhibitions. These future endeavours represent significant milestones in her artistic career, offering opportunities for her to demonstrate her unique perspective and artistic vision. Each exhibition and collaboration is a stepping stone in Jessie’s artistic journey, contributing to her development as an artist and enriching her body of work.

The trajectory of Jessie’s artistic growth is poised to be impressive, supported by her early achievements and the foundation laid by her artistic lineage. Her family background, combined with her own dedication and passion, positions her for continued success in the contemporary art world. As she matures and gains more experience, Jessie’s work is expected to evolve, becoming increasingly innovative and influential. Her journey promises not only personal fulfilment but also contributions to the broader cultural landscape, shaping conversations and perceptions within the art community and beyond.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1. Who is Jessie Phoenix Jopling?

A1. Jessie Phoenix Jopling, daughter of Sam Taylor-Johnson, a renowned British filmmaker and artist, and Jay Jopling, founder of the White Cube gallery, grew up surrounded by creativity and cultural influence, inheriting a legacy of cinematic innovation and contemporary art.

Q2. What is known about Jessie Phoenix Jopling’s background and upbringing?

A2. Born in November 2005, Jessie Phoenix Jopling is currently 17 years old. She holds British nationality and practises Christianity, reflecting her cultural and religious affiliations. Raised by her influential parents, Jessie likely developed a deep appreciation for art and creativity, nurtured within a family environment that values artistic exploration and cultural discourse.

Q3. What is Jessie Phoenix Jopling’s family dynamic like?

A3. Jessie shares a biological bond with her sister, Angelica Jopling, and has two half-sisters, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero Johnson. Despite different parentage, the sisters maintain a strong, supportive relationship, celebrating each other’s achievements and offering unwavering support in their personal and professional lives.

Q4. Does Jessie Phoenix Jopling have a presence on social media?

A4. Currently, Jessie maintains a limited presence on social media platforms. This deliberate choice allows her to concentrate on her artistic growth away from digital distractions. However, there is anticipation that she may leverage these platforms in the future to showcase her work and engage with a broader audience, potentially enhancing her visibility in the art community.

Q5. What is known about Jessie Phoenix Jopling’s net worth?

A5. Details regarding Jessie’s net worth and financial status are not publicly disclosed. Her upbringing reflects a desire for privacy, mirroring the approach of her parents in safeguarding her personal life from public scrutiny. As she matures and potentially steps into the spotlight, more information about her professional endeavours and financial standing may come to light.


In conclusion, Jessie Phoenix Jopling emerges as a young artist with a rich heritage and promising future. Raised amidst the creative brilliance of her parents, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jay Jopling, Jessie embodies a blend of cinematic and artistic influences. At 17, she navigates her path with a focus on artistic exploration, supported by a close-knit family and a growing fan base eager to witness her evolving journey. With aspirations to expand her presence in exhibitions and embrace new artistic challenges, Jessie’s trajectory in the contemporary art world holds promise for continued innovation and cultural impact.

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