Practices to Follow to Avoid Workplace Harassment

Sexual harassment is a trending topic nowadays. However, it makes the victim feel humiliated. There are many reports of employers harassing their employees sexually or the higher-ups harassing their underlings and promising them certain benefits at the workplace in New Jersey. Sometimes, many victims are traumatized by this sort of behavior and end up being pawns of their higher-ups no matter where they go.

Therefore, you must understand sexual harassment and what rights you have to defend yourself against it. Hence, seeking assistance from New Jersey employment lawyers can give you additional support. 

Methods to avoid workplace harassment

  1. Make your policies clear.

If you are an employer and you want to create a safe and comfortable environment for employees, the first thing you must do is make some strict and clear policies against workplace harassment. Make sure that the rules and policies will be applied equally among the employees. 

  1. Conduct training programs

As an employer, you must conduct training programs for your employees and make sure that everyone attends all the sessions. In these training programs, you should educate your employees about sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and similar topics. After explaining to them the true meaning of workplace harassment, they move on to the next step, which is how to defend themselves in these situations.

  • Avoid being alone with the bully in a place where no one can see you.
  • If you are being harassed publically, document the incident, gather witnesses, and file a report against the bully.
  • Schedule a meeting with the manager or HR and discuss your issue with them along with all the evidence.
  1. Respond to the complaints seriously.

After providing training to your employees and making your policies against workplace harassment clear, you must move on to the next step, which is responding seriously to your employees’ complaints. You must not let it slide as a first attempt; instead, take severe action against the bully no matter what position he/she works for. This will give your employees more self-esteem and confidence that their efforts are not in vain at all.

  1. Be an example

If you want your employees to feel safe and comfortable, you must lead an example for them. Show them by reacting strictly against any sort of harassment, bullying, or discrimination. This will give peace of mind to your employees and will give them support to defend themselves against harassment. In addition, this will give them a mental message that you have relevant access to their complaints.

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If you are an employee or employer and you are not comfortable with your workplace environment, consider making an appointment with your lawyer to discuss your issue.

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