Types of Liquor Bottles Sizes

No matter if you are a consumer or in the business, it is important to have some knowledge about various sizes of liquor bottles. Knowing how many gallons are in a handle vs the different sizes of wine bottles to understand How Many Gallons Are In A Bottle Of Alcohol – from cases and half-by-half measurements, whether you’re giving or stocking your bar-or buying Liquor & Spirit Bottles Wholesale online as we speak-bottle size plays into what kind of decision-making experience you have on hand. In this post, we have discussed common and uncommon bottle sizes used in today’s era & why they are still important.

Common Liquor Bottle Sizes

Standard Bottle (750ml)

A liquor bottle holds 750ml. The size is common in a multitude of spirits including whiskeys, vodkas, rums, gin and tequila. It is the one that you might be most familiar with as a member of a bar and restaurant, but also has some commercial appeal.

Uses of Standard Bottles

Personal: Best for home use

Presents: Easy to wrap in gifts

Cocktails: Good blends of drink

Half Bottles (375ml)

Either for bottling higher end spirits, or when you simply do not want a whole bottle.

Uses of Half Bottles

Sampling: This is great if you simply want to try a new liquor but do not wish to purchase an entire bottle.

It is small and portable – great for travel or while camping!

Single-Serve Sampler Bottles: A few of Flaviar’s best in tiny 50ml samplers, perfect for sampling or gifting.

Magnum (1.5L)

A standard bottle is 75 cl, a magnum is twice this size at 1.5 liters This size is not as popular but it can be used for events and parties or the like. 

Uses of Magnum Bottles

Events: Best for Big Gatherings & Parties

Age: Commonly employed for wines and spirits that develop over time.

Appearance: Perfect for displaying which adds that touch of luxury/ sophisticatedness .

Big and Uncommon Bottle Sizes

Jeroboam (3L)

It is four times the size of a standard bottle. A typical size for champagne & sparkling wines. Perfect for grand occasions such as weddings or even at top-notch corporate celebrations.

Uses of Jeroboam Bottles

Scientific Functions: Best for large-scale events such as weddings or corporate functions.

When it comes to displays, they are perfect in pubs or cellars.

Cellar Storage: Perfect for your wines and spirits that are going to be aging.

Rehoboam (4.5L)

Rehoboam: A Rehoboam bottle can hold up to 4.5 liters and is usually popular with champagne. They are much larger than normal bottles, six fold in magnitude.

Uses of Rehoboam Bottles

Major Events: Well-suited for weddings, graduations and other big parties.

Investment: Purchased as a rare investment.

The Best For Prestige Above all else, the brand offers prestige to any collection.

Methuselah (6L)

A Methuselah is six liters – the equivalent of eight standard bottles. It is a conventional size for champagne and sparkling wines.

Uses of Methuselah Bottles

Resplendent Celebrations– Ideally designed for resplendent celebrations and events.

This is a ‘Showpiece’ in any ones display

Gatherings: Best to serve groups without opening multiple bottles of wine.

Salmanazar (9L)

A Salmanazar which is a twist on the name of an Assyrian king holds 9-liters (12 bottles-worth) These are very rare in size and if you have seen them it’s probably just for Champagne as well.

Uses of Salmanazar Bottles

Exclusive Events – These are the most exclusive events you can find.

Facet of Prestige: It aids in improving the prestige level regarding your liquor collection.

Celebration Events: Ideal for flavoring all of the most important celebration functions too.

50ml & 100 ML Mini Bottles

Perfect for celebrating a very special occasion in style! The most common types of miniature bottles or nips are the 50ml and 100ml formats.

Uses of Miniature Bottles

Mr Miggins on Sampling: Quality stuff if you fancy trying out new liquors without splashing the cash.

Travel: Perfect for travel with an option to carry Liquor around.

Promotions: Typically used in promotional promotions and gift sets.


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This guide will break down the different sizes of liquor bottles to help you decide how much is needed, either for personal or business use. Each size – from the 750ml bottle most commonly found on liquor store shelves, to grand Salmanazar that holds a whopping 12 bottles-worth of vino in its ample bosom serves different functions. Remember these sizes when you buy Liquor & Spirit Bottles Wholesale.

In the next series of articles, we will delve into the world of spirits in more detail and describe bottle sizes/uses. Well, all whiskey bottles are not equalized sizes so having an idea of the different bottle sizes can possibly benefit you for making more professional choices and getting to know liquors made by a variety of brands.

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