Venture Overwatch 2 Guide

Today we will introduce you to Overwatch 2 Venture, the latest addition to Overwatch 2’s Heros in Season 10! This is the first new damage Overwatch 2 hero since launch and brings lots of high-damage options. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Venture, from its abilities and playstyle to advanced tactics. 

Overwatch Venture Story

Based on Blizzard’s ideology, venture in Overwatch 2 is an archeologist and an explorer who has and is extensively traveling the world. Along with this, he is pretty keen about history and its mysteries. Overwatch 2 Venture was born on 6th of August, and is now 26 years old, it belongs from Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Venture in Overwatch 2 is a member of the Wayfinder Society, whose main aim is to travel the world to find unique artifacts and protect special sites. 

0ne of the main parts of Venture’s story is the clash with Talon Overwatch 2 operatives while in IIios. The attack by Talon made Venture curious about what Talon and the team wants, so this became Venture’s next mystery to discover. 

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Overwatch Ventures Abilities

  • Smart Excavator: it gives off a seismic charge that bursts as soon as it travels a little bit far. 
  • Burrow: with this venture can dig and then move underground where it is immune to enemy attacks and can emerge by choice to deal with damage. 
  • Drill Dash: venture can very quicky dash forward, which can knock the enemies off their path, this can also work underground, where the cooldown period is short. 
  • Clobber (Passive): When Venture uses melee attacks, they deal more damage than usual. This makes close-range combat stronger and more effective.
  • Explorer’s Resolve: After using any of Venture’s abilities, they receive a temporary shield boost, this adds extra protection in fights, making Venture extra powerful. 
  • Tectonic Shock (Ultimate): Venture’s ultimate ability releases powerful shockwaves that damage all enemies in a large area. It is a devastating attack that can give Venture an immediate win.  

Overwatch 2 Venture Tips   

Venture as DPS

Venture in Overwatch specializes in combats which are in close range and with the targets that are squishy. Also, you will notice that venture plays a lot like the other assassin DPS characters, in which they move swiftly and so dispatch the targets.

So, these abilities can be used both for engaging and escaping fights. You can also unlock new gear and heroes with Overwatch Coins which will surely give you an edge on the battlefield.

Practice Spacing

Overwatch 2 Venture’s primary fire needs it to be in a closer proximity to enemies than long-range DPS characters. So, proper spacing is crucial for effective damage output. Hence, you should invest time in practicing for this to get a better grip. 

Using Burrow

Using this Overwatch venture can get full invulnerability for around 4 seconds after every 8 seconds. It also helps to escape dangerous situations and also cleanse any negative status effects. Luckily, sticky grenades like Tracer’s Pulse Bomb fall off and deal no damage when Overwatch 2 Venture burrows successfully.

Combining Abilities

One of the most effective tricks is to combine some of the abilities. Like for example, venture can use Drill Dash underground for further movement. Because if venture launches into the air with Drill Dash and then burrow back to the ground, it offers an additional escape option.

Thus, mastering Overwatch 2 Venture is based on a combination of skill, strategy, and resources. 

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