Workplace Rights in Pakistan: Know When You’re Being Treated Unfairly

Work or employers help people to look for financial sources. Nonetheless, people join for other perks as well, such as learning. One of the key points is the rights of employees. They deserve the fair and pleasant behavior of the officials and they can take help from a legal practitioner, for instance a family lawyer in Karachi, to resolve their issues. But first, let’s see what the workplace rights are in Pakistan. 

Important Workplace Rights in Pakistan

6 Working Hours a Day during Ramadan

Ramadan is surely a Holy month, which demands a Muslim to follow a strict meal consuming schedule. There is more to it, like enhanced spiritual nourishment, however, some might find it hard. In order to provide them the ease of resting and focusing more on their religion, one of the workplace laws is to work for only 6 hours a day, maximum, during Ramadan.

The reduction of working hours is beneficial as the Muslim employees cannot eat or drink for hours. Therefore, it can somehow impact their energy as the latter is required for productivity. 

90 to 180 Days of Maternity Leaves

There are paternal leaves as well, but for now, let’s only discuss maternity leaves. Being pregnant and giving birth are highly agonizing tasks which can adversely affect the mental and physical health of women. Due to which, they require rest as well as proper diet. 

The leaves are advantageous in terms of giving them time to focus on themselves as well as the baby’s health. Moreover, it lets the mother bond well with the newborn baby. These leaves can thus reduce stress and help with postpartum recovery. No need to concentrate on meeting deadlines for a while. 

Minimum Legal Wage

In the June 2023 budget’s proposal, the minimum wage was 35,000 PKR. As per another source, this value was $114, as on 1st of July, 2022. However, there is a slight conflict as we also found out the minimum wage for unskilled workers concerning all industries in Punjab was Rs.32,000 in 2023. The same amount was cited for Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Then, we looked for the minimum legal wage in the year 2022 for some provinces of Pakistan, and the amount was 25,000 PKR. In 2021, the minimum lawful salary was different in each province. For example, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it was 21,000 for all industries while in Sindh, it was 19k.

Provident Fund

This is basically the lump sum that the employee receives at the time of retirement. It is also an investment fund by not only the employers but also the employees. It is one of the mandatory requirements; however, we were unable to find the necessity of submitting documents like Nadra marriage certificate from the targeted sources.

Also, we found out that it is a good investment as the returns are guaranteed. It is a direct deduction from the employee’s salary. This is also apt to avail extra money. 

Casual and Sick Leaves

Holidays with or without any crucial reason help to take breaks. Leaves aid in managing tasks other than office work and give you the peace of mind. Also, there are sick leaves which are essential for the affected persons in order to cope with the illness and recover as soon as possible. 

The workplace rights in Pakistan allow employees to take casual and sick leaves. For annual vacation leaves, there are 14 calendar days. The latter is the minimum number and these are basically paid leaves. Moreover, there are 10 days of paid sick leave, which can extend to an additional 30 days if the employee is hospitalized. 

14 Public Holidays

Different provincial governments and the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad, have to decide the public holidays at the beginning of every calendar year. Nevertheless, on average, there are a total of 14 public holidays, such as the religious festivals, Pakistan Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Iqbal Day and so on.

These holidays help employees to celebrate the events with or without their friends and families. Moreover, this duration also acts as refreshment as well as a contribution to paying homage to certain personalities and past events.  


The purpose of the formation of laws is justice. Therefore, it is compulsory for everyone to respect and follow such policies. Some of them highlight workplace rights. Surely, they evolve from time to time. However, you have read above what we explored. First is the set of maternity leaves, which gives ease and opportunity for health concentration to pregnant women.

Second is the 6 working hours per day during Ramadan. This is essential to let the employees rest and focus more on religion. Furthermore, a person can relish paid casual and sick leaves to avail recovery from sickness as early as possible to redeem the energy to work. Also, there are certain legal rules on provident fund, which is a type of investment, and minimum legal wage in Pakistan.

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